Is it okay to ask for letters of recommendation from CC professors?

  1. I'm applying to a Masters nursing program. I have one letter of rec coming from my MA program professor who has a PhD.

    I was thinking I'd ask my Community College professor from anatomy to also write a LOR for me. I want her to write an LOR b/ c she could write more than a standard "This student got good grades" type of LOR.

    I'd like to clarify that she's NOT a recent grad student. My anatomy professor got an MS in Bio and worked as a respiratory therapist before going into teaching. She's been teaching in community colleges for about 20 years now.

    However, I know some schools can be snobby and look down on CC's, especially if the letter writer doesn't have a PhD.

    What do you think?
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  3. by   bravera
    The majority of my classmates in my accelerated BSN program at a highly respected university attended CC for their pre-requisites. It shouldn't matter. I would think universities care more about the content of a letter, and a generic, impersonal letter of recommendation would do little for you. CCs aren't really looked down on in my area to admissions.
  4. by   suzw
    Absolutely, almost all of my rec letters came from CC professors. If the professor knows you, likes you, and you did well in her class, it should be fine. Some schools might prefer to see a letter from an employer, but most probably expect your rec letter to come from a current professor.

    Best of luck!