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  1. I am completing my pre reqs for nursing school and I just had a few questions about after I graduate!
    My long term goal is to be a flight nurse, and I know a lot of exp is required. I'd like to land a job in the ER after I get my BSN. After graduation, I would take get my ccrn cert of course, and I am really interested in getting my EMT-B as well. I was wondering if it is likely I could get hired into the ER with these two things but with no experience. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   marinelayer
    I have been an EMT-B in LA county for two years working on both the private and 911 sides. If you have your sights set on pre-hospital care (flight nursing) than I would strongly encourage you to gain experience working on an ambulance. Working in the field is very different than working in a clinical setting. Also, you can use your EMT-B to find employment as an ER tech in many emergency rooms. Some of these positions have different requirements (phlebotomy, etc...) and some none at all.

    In the end, any patient care experience will benefit you greatly before entering nursing school, and ultimately help you accomplish your dream of flight nursing.

    Best of luck in your pursuits.
  4. by   thelittledoe
    I have a friend who began by working in a transitional unit, within a year she was working half her shifts in the ED and half in the TU. The TU at her hospital provides overflow for more stable ED patients and patients from the ED who will be placed in longer term care in some other department within the hospital. Check to see if your local hospitals have such a department. It is usually also a good unit for ED nurses to start on before being thrown to the lions of the ED. Good luck!