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  1. Good morning everyone! Let me introduce myself and give some details on my situation and what is driving me to become a nurse *waits for the groans... Another one coming into the field?!* lol

    1) You can call me Lex, or Hunnybunches, whichever you prefer.
    2) I am 22 years old- no degree of any kind.
    3) Licensed CNA & phlebotomist. Yay me!
    4) I plan on attending the above mentioned school, starting April.
    5) I have two dependents: a 22 month old daughter and I am the kayak guardian of my little sister.
    6) I did not grow up wanting to be a nurse- I didn't grow up wanting to be anything actually. I was never the kid who was always like "I'm going to be a teacher when I grow up!" Not to say that I am not motivated because that would be false but I never had time in my life to think about what I wanted; I've been taking care of others for as long as I can remember. Nursing draws my attention because of the immense knowledge and complexity of the field, and therefore I have become fond of it.

    Soo...that's a little bit about me.. I am planning on attending Franklin Career College in Ontario this April, I am just waiting for my paperwork to go through for my program. (They are playing $8k towards my program! Taking it down to a much more manageable $21k and eliminating all monthly payments, furthermore decimating financial obstacles! Yes! Score one for Lex! Lol. Ok, sorry.. Got a tad bit carried away. Hehe). I went to the school and had a very good overall first impression and made my choice on that and other things. ( Btw, I am well researched, not lacking much in intelligence and I have looked into about 10 schools so I know what to look for!)

    The purpose of my post is to introduce my self, get to know and make friends with you guys and hopefully give some information on the school and the program that I am in, hopefully it will be able to make someone else's dream come true too! Pay it forward! 👍😊
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