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In my Dreams!! How about yours?

  1. 0 So I finally had my first nursing school dream. As if my mind could not have taken me somewhere tropical and stuck me in a lounge chair with a cocktail! I had the silliest dream about going to buy my Pharm and Fundamentals books . They were just kind of sitting on this table, decoratively placed as if they were on a coffee table, with a amber glow around them. Perhaps I have lost my mind, or I am just overly excited about starting NS but either way, has anyone else had any good dreams about NS? I never expected to conjure up a dream about BOOKS!! Label me a nerd ASAP!!

    [banana]Has gone[/banana]
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    LOL...loved that story.

    Having a dream about books does not make one a nerd....of course this is stickly coming from another "nerd."

    lol...just kidding!! Thank you for sharing your story!