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  1. 1 I was an alternate for NAU accelerated BSN program and just got the call today. I am now a Lumberjack! I cannot wait to start in MAY. Any tips on what I need besides scrubs, a stethoscope, and books???
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    Congrats!! From what I heard I have heard from friends the best thing would be to go over AP if you are a bit rusty. I know I will be going over my AP this summer.
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    Congrats! Today is a great day for me too. I got my acceptance letter in the mail and will be starting fall 2013! I was the only one home so I screamed! Haha. So excited to start. Best of luck!
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    I'd probably invest in a good set of trauma shears and a penlight.
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    They should tell you at orrientation what all they think you will need for your program. Congrats on getting in, I am still waiting to hear back from the programs that I applies to.

    My plans for the summer are to get organized (both for the upcoming semester and at home) and to review A&P. I have heard that endocrine will come back and bite you if you dont have a firm understanding so that will be my main focus.

    Good luck!!!
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    Congrats, Lumberjack! You'll probably need a hemostat, bandage scissors, and a penlight, in addition to the other goodies.
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    Congratulations I did as well. I am accepted into the SGSC good luck .
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    I was accepted as well good luck