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Hello all, I am a 20 year old pre-Nursing student currently taking my prerequisites. The only college classes I have completed so far are basic courses such as English, Math, and Psychology. In those classes I made A's and... Read More

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    I have a five step plan that has helped me be on the presidents and deans list a my college several times.

    1. Read the chapter.
    2. Highlight the most important information from each subheading.
    3. Create questions for the highlighted material.
    4. In some kind of text editing program (I.E Word,) type the questions and then put in an appropriate sized fill in the blank sized line for it. It should look similar to this:

    Where does blood flow in the heart right after it enters the aortic valve? _______________________________________________

    5. Go over these questions at least once a day. It usually takes me about 3-5 days to memorize everything by heart, but I always score very high.

    I would like to tell you that this method is the best method for me. It may not work very well for you, and it is time consuming. I do suggest at least attempting this study method though. Good luck!

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    I am a pre nursing student. I have been so gung ho about being a nurse it isn't even funny. I want desperately to be in L&D, Neonatal or Peds..which is why it was so depressing that last semester I took Anatomy for the first time and it scared me to death! So much that I was re thinking my career decision, as much as I want to be an RN!!!! But reading your post has me determined to try again, and this time to try your method. Wish me luck!!!
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    What might help is knowing how you learn best. Do you learn by reading, writing, seeing, hearing, doing, ect.? For A&P, it was very helpful to me to see pictures and models of the different organs and systems. I have somewhat of a photogenic memory so when I write things, I can visualize where I wrote them sometimes. I am not fond of just listening to a lecture and getting it. I have to write things down and go over it again and again. Recently, just this semester, I have started actually reading the chapters because we have 10 point quizzes everyday before lecture so I have to. Before, reading never helped me retain information but now, it has greatly helped me. By knowing what my best ways of learning are, I can go over the information for a test in about an hour once and get more information every time I go through it.

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