I have decided I'm not waiting on another waitlist !!

  1. After much debate, I have decided not to be on any more wait list. I have just finished my TEAS test for ECPI in Greensboro, NC. Some may oppose to the cost etc...But I have done my research and according to the NC BON website, they have great passing rates. I have been on 4 waiting list and have come close 2 out of 4 times.

    I'm excited about my journey and will start May 14th. In 14 months I'll be closer to my dream of becoming a nurse midwife.

    Off Topic...by the way, I just found out that you don't have to be a nurse in some States to be just a Midwife....ie South Carolina, Kentucky (?)....not sure how I feel about that....
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  3. by   Woodenpug
    Cool, good choice.

    BTW, off topic, add California to the list. But in California, you must not be chromosomal challenged to be a midwife, without being an RN.