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So I got into a BSN program to start in January... but now I'm stressed about MONEY! I hate money! How will I ever pay for this? I am maxing out my loans (I am getting a second degree so I have... Read More

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    Like someone said, "you are so not alone". I'm in the same boat; except I have a child so that tackles on more expense because she'll have to be in daycare. But it's ok, if this is what God wants for you then pray about it. Some people work and some people dont, it all depends on what you can handle and no one knows that better than you. I haven't received my letters yet but my plan is to work as much as I can now, I'm even trying to get a second job. Maybe you can do that for now. Try creating a detailed list of all your expenses that won't be covered by your student loans, such as gas, food, rent, etc...And if you get a refund that'll be better. I know plenty of people who just lived off the refund check. Also, do you have a job center where you're from? It's called WIN Job Center here and they have a program that pays tuition, fees, uniforms, and things like that for accredited programs. God Bless your journey and congratulations, I'm more worried about getting it than paying for it, lol
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    Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone! I have a feeling I will be turning to allnurses for a very, very long time.

    I haven't talked to my live-in boyfriend yet about the stress I'm feeling over money, but he'll say I'm silly (he's in law school so loans... pssshhh he knows what I'm talking about).

    I wish I could live at home with my momma but there are no colleges really close to where she lives. I do want to achieve this, because I have big dreams regarding my career... so I guess I'll just suck it up and do it. Or at least try to do it.

    Thanks for the self-care suggestions. That's, unfortunately, always the first thing I put on the back burner. But now I've planned to schedule Saturday evening as a stress-free night out with friends (on the cheap though!) and go see the Razorbacks beat Auburn.
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    Eagle, I do pray and pray and pray. And good luck to you, I hope you find out good news soon! Thanks for the suggestions about work, I'm pretty lucky (as of right now at least) because my job will work me as much as I want... I do plan on piling up the hours over Christmas Break and during summers.
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    People come on this sit for useful tips, advice and support. Your negative judgmental attitude is not welcome here. If you are that bitter then just keep it to yourself and save your miserable non-advice for someone else. If you read other's posts they include helpful advice without your lousy judgments. I would sure hate for you to be my nurse.
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