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Hi everyone, I'm new here & this is my first post :D I'm currently in the CNA course which is a prerequisite requirement for the nursing program at my community college. I will be finishing the course on Dec 7, & starting spring... Read More

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    Thanks xx

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    The CNA requirement does not make our program any shorter. We really don't learn all that much to be a CNA.... how to properly wash hands, put isolation gear on and off w/o contaminating yourself, take vitals, move pts, feed them, change them or the use of bedpans, make beds with or without a pt in the bed, a bit of what to watch for, things like that. And four full days taking care of actual pts. Certainly not enough to fill even one credit at a nursing school pace but enough to be felt, I think.

    They say in the info for prospective nurses meeting that it is at partially (can't remember if they said prodominately or not) to help find out who is truly interested, both for the benefit of the school but also for the benefit of the students not to spend the time/money on something that they only think they want to do. They also say it is not the end all of a screen but it is something.
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    My CNA program is a bit more advanced I think. We care with foleys & sooo much transferring! Mechanical lifts, & moving pts by ourselves, too. Bathing bathing bathing, feeding them, getting them dressed, measuring input/output, collecting specimens, etc. We also have 6 full days of working in a nursing home where each of us students have 3pts to take care of by ourselves. It's not easy work, I can just imagine when I'm not a student anymore and actually working. I really need to learn how to save my back lol

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