how is the hesi graded?

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    I am taking the hesi a2 entrance exam soon and I was wondering how it's graded? Is there an accumulative score for science? I know this question is kind of unclear but if you can do the best you can to answer it I'd appreciate it.


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    they break each section down into individual scores to let you know how you did in each area (example you will see a score in all of the following: math - fractions, decimals, ratios ect..) and then you receive an overall cumulative score. it shows up as a percent.
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    Ok thank you so much. Are the science score and english scores combined?
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    what sections are you taking? every school is different. there is math, reading, grammar, vocab, anatomy, chemistry, biology and physics. i only had to take the first 6 tests.
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    Quote from Rachelj1222
    Ok thank you so much. Are the science score and english scores combined?

    It's a cumulative score. So your final score is averaged out between all the sectoins you have taken. I did not have to take the science portion.

    But here is what mine looked like, so you have a better understanding:

    Reading Comprehension: 92.00% [A cumulative or average score of the below sections]
    -->Meaning Word use-100%
    -->Conclusion 66.7%
    -->Implications- 92.31%

    Vocabulary & General Knowledge-88.00%
    English Language Composite Score-89.33%

    My cumulative score for the above sections was a 90.50%
    The school I applied to didn't care much for reading so they averaged out my Math [94%] and English [89.33%] and had an average or cumulative score of 91.665% as my HESI score.

    Hope that cleared some things up.
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