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I am currently taking my pre-reqs at a JC in hopes to transfer to CSLB. Obviously almost every University is impacted. I will be transfering with more than 60 units. I should be ready to transfer by end of 2014 if all goes well.... Read More

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    WOW impressed, I'm amazed and admired by so many adults, parents...parents who have gone back to school, while supporting a family and so on.

    I think we are all on the same track with studying and putting our hardest into something that will help us and our families in the future.

    You all give me the motivation and inspiration to not give up on a dream a goal that has obstacles up ahead. I will continue to post my experiences, knowledge and guidance to help fellow students and nurses.

    Having that said I borrowed my sons Earth, Physical, and Biological textbooks I know many say 30 is still young, but these books look so ancient to me now.

    Thank God! for my little munchkins.Little do they know but they teach us alot too

    My son looked over my TEAS book, his reponse "thats it? this is easy stuff mom, you can do this!" if he only knew.

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    Is there anyone out there who is planning on applying to accelerated program (ABSN) that starts in summer 2013?

    I am very excited and hopeful that I'll be accepted next year. I already have a bachelor's degree in finance and investments so my #1 choice is the accelerated track, however I will also apply to the basic program as a back up which will then start in the fall of 2013.

    Anyone has takes TEAS yet? I took it in spring semester and scored 82. My overall GPA is 3.904 and prerequisite GPA 4.0 so far. I still have 4 prerequisites to complete. Should I retake the TEAS? I heard that scoring 90 or above makes you really competitive.

    Thanks for your responses.
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    Oh. Forgot to add the school. UCF. LOL
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    Thank you for posting your School info. You may want to start a threat or post under UCF or ABSN to get more in depth responses.

    I wish I could help with your question but I am not familiar oh how impacted the schools in your area are. In CA i know that getting into BSN is alot easier. Your scores seem competitive, in CA your TEAS score is good, the average I believe is 90% overall here. I would study one more time and just take it again, whats the worst that can happen besides scoring a little higher.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Good LUCK!
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    Thank you very much for your info. All the best.
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    How do you start a new thread or post on iPhone app? I've been trying to do since this morning. I know it can't be that complicated! 😜

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