How early is too early to prepare for TEAS entrance Exam? - page 2

I am currently taking my pre-reqs at a JC in hopes to transfer to CSLB. Obviously almost every University is impacted. I will be transfering with more than 60 units. I should be ready to transfer by... Read More

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    Thank you for posting your School info. You may want to start a threat or post under UCF or ABSN to get more in depth responses.

    I wish I could help with your question but I am not familiar oh how impacted the schools in your area are. In CA i know that getting into BSN is alot easier. Your scores seem competitive, in CA your TEAS score is good, the average I believe is 90% overall here. I would study one more time and just take it again, whats the worst that can happen besides scoring a little higher.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Good LUCK!
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    Thank you very much for your info. All the best.
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    How do you start a new thread or post on iPhone app? I've been trying to do since this morning. I know it can't be that complicated! 😜

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