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I have hated science since I was in elementary school, and I have never been good at it! Starting my nursing pre-reqs soon, there is no way around them! How do you make it through the classes without getting discouraged?... Read More

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    As odd as this sounds, I found it easier to take the classes in the summer. Becuase the classes were so short and the test were back to back you dont really have time to forget anything which gives you a chance to get the best grade. It might be one of those things where you are only retaining it long enough to pass the class but my thinking is I will retake it again while I'm on the waiting list to a brush up.

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    Find the study method that works for you. Study groups help many students. If your school has an Open Lab available, utilize it. Flash cards are good. Keep in mind that what works for your neighbor may not do diddly for you. The bottom line, though, is that nothing will help if you don't have an interest in the science. Something my A&P I instructor said a number of times has stuck with me:

    If you don't find the science of the human body fascinating, you're pursuing the wrong program.

    Seriously, that's the one thing that's kept me chugging along. Each new thing I learn in A&P fascinates me further. I'm amazed that all these things are happening in our bodies every second of every day, and they do so without us even knowing about it. It's mind blowing!
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    I have always liked science while in school, but when I got into college I became even more interested in it, especially biology classes like anat, physio, micro but college chemistry terrified me for some reason even though I took it in high school and did fairly well. I did well in my sciences and received a B in physio and As in the rest. A lot of students go into these science classes with negative attitudes from the beginning and it starts to show in their grades. I told myself that I'd have a positive attitude about the classes and that I would pass them no matter what because this is what I needed to do in order to get into nursing school. So if you go into it with a positive attitude that may be better. Don't go into it thinking that that you're going to fail ot not do well before you even start. I read before I went to class so that if I had any questions during lab or lecture I could ask my professors. I did any assigned and extra problems in the books and reviewed study guides. I literally studied every chance that I had. I would look over my lecture notes while walking to my next class or going to my car to go home. I just like to study every single day but for some it may be much lol. Another thing that helped me was that I always had great lab partners and we would have small study groups usually no more than like 6 people. Utilize all the resources that you have available to you like tutoring services, study groups, asking the professor questions, or going to your professors office hour. Don't be afraid to visit your professors office hours because they really enjoy that and it shows that you're serious. Science is something that you're going to have to learn to love.

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