hesi a2 physics section, pbsc students or others

  1. hi,

    the school i'll be applying to requires ALL sections of the hesi a2 test (palm beach state college). has anyone taken this section yet? what are your general impressions of the physics section? did you find that a basic knowledge is what is needed or a more in depth knowledge? any suggestions for self teaching resources?

    i'm currently studying with the mcgraw hill 3 evolve reach practice test and i'm severely bombing the physics. i've gotten the score up a bit, but i'm lost as to what concepts to study as there are a lot of variables in physics. just for fyi, i haven't had any kind of teaching in physics for over 20 years and even that was very basic and i've never taken calculus, which appears to be the major type of math in this discipline.

    any help would be appreciated.

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