Help!! Worried About Not Passing Chemistry!

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm taking the last of my nursing pre-requisites this year and I'm doing great in my A&P, micro, stats, etc. but I have always struggled with chemistry. This time around is no different! I don't understand the concepts, the formulas, why they need to be balanced, it all just seems so arbitrary to me! I honestly am worried about even being able to pass the course, has anyone ever been in my shoes and found a studying method or book that has helped make chemistry easier to grasp? Right now the text and lecture may as well be in Chinese because I'm not absorbing anything.
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  3. by   carefulcare
    go through the notes you took in class and what the objective are thru the syllabus . write them all down. then go to youtube and type that type of problem to have someone else explain it better. also, make sure you know how to do the basic compounds and balancing. thats the main thing. thats what i did. . there are also practice worksheets online. you can do this. good luck
  4. by   MultiTasker33
    I had chemistry with an instructor who was a total genius. He was so smart that he ended up teaching the material at a level WAY over our heads. On top of that, it was a summer course so it was jammed into a shorter time period. I wish there was a simple study method to suggest, but for me it came down to actual study time. Chemistry required extra time and dedication to achieve results. First off, since the material from lecture was not helpful I went to the schools tutoring center. He would teach something, and like you said, it might as well have been Chinese. Getting a different prospective from another teacher/student tutor made a big difference. Second, I utilized YouTube A LOT. I ended up spending 4-5 solid hours per day working and re-working the material over and over. I know this is kind of a generic 'study more!' response, but this is what worked for me. Extra study time, tutoring, and YouTube videos. Good luck!
  5. by   peggysue0909
    Chemistry is really hard. I made a C in it. I have been a nurse for 28 years. Follow the guidelines from the above students, sometimes forming a study group or getting a tutor (maybe) Nursing school is hard and you just have to study a lot. I went to a huge University yes, back before you were even an idea yet, in the 80's....(no cell phones, computers were just starting up---aghh, I am 50). I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I made it through school and I studied all the time. Youth is on your side. You can do it. I wish you the best. Also, somehow, step back from it if you can---25 years from now it won't matter. I know it is important now. Good luck