Help!/? Best way into a nursing career?

  1. I am Amanda, I go to Arizona State University. I am technically about to enter my second semester as a Junior, but I am able to graduate with my B.A. in Sociology and a Minor in Family and Human Development in the fall of my Senior year. I have recently decided that Nursing is a career that I really want to enter into. I would change my major but I am technically finished with all my major requirements, its only the graduation requirements that I need.

    I am trying to research schools and pathways into the nursing field. I need 30 credits left to graduate ASU and each of those are electives. My plan is to use those electives and take the pre-requirements that I've seen most nursing school require (Nut., Anatomy&Phys., ect...). I've heard that ASU is one of the best nursing schools in the state and that it is very competitive. My cum. GPA is 2.89 so there is no way that I can get into that program.

    From what I have research most BSN programs at Universities are very competitive so I was thinking of getting my Associates first (at a community college), getting my liscense (that way I can also start bringing in an income), then going through to a BSN program, followed by a MSN program. My question is, is that a good plan or should I skip the whole associates then BSN? I know that I eventually want my Masters. So I do not know if I'll be wasting my time.. Please can anyone give advise???

    I feel as though I am burnt out on school but I think that it has to do with the degree I am in and the fact that I really wanted to go out of state for college and never did. I don't want to go to through another solid 4 years of school, that is why I like the idea of my associates first. Or an accelerated program...
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  3. by   iPink
    Are you looking into Accelerated BSN programs? I would look into those programs and apply. In addition to applying, I would apply to ADN programs. This is to cover you just in case you don't get into any ABSNs. If you decide to do the ADN, you can bridge to an RN-MSN later, skipping the BSN route.
  4. by   poisenberrie
    I'm looking into both ABSN & ADN programs. I learn more every time I research which is kind of a bad thing because I do not want to end up doing the wrong thing.
    I did not know that I could do a RN-MSN bridge while skipping the BSN...