HELP Am I about to make a HUGE mistake?

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    Help please,
    I live in south Florida and might be going into the AS program at Concorde Career Institute, they have guaranteed me that they are accredited, but I would like a secondary source for verification. Also I would like to continue on with a bachelors degree after I am finished at Concorde, however, I would like to know if the credits I obtain will be tranferable to another institution? Please help I dont want to make a $40,000 dollar mistake.

    Thanks in advance



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    I can't speak for the school, but $40k? That seems a little steep. No community colleges around?
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    Yea there are 2 and they are both a lot cheaper but its harder to get in and its 2 years for the AS vs just one with concorde, so it definetly has its advatages but I just dont know if when I go to apply for a BSN program my AS will be recognized
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    $40K is A LOT! I'd wait the 2 ys to go to Community College. I promise it goes by really fast! And while you wait, you can work on classes to satisfy your BSN. I have been waiting to get in for 1.5 yrs and will be starting in Jan and it really has gone by fast. I think that's a lot of $$$$ plus, it's not like the economy is that great and hospitals are no longer throwing out sign-on bonuses as they used to. If they're pressuring you to start, run!
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    Call a university you know is accredited (like a state school or something) and ask to speak to a nursing adviser. Ask them if they would accept a degree and credits from that particular school. I bet they could answer that. I think colleges keep lists of schools they do/do not accept credits from.

    If they can't answer that, ask them what accreditations you should specifically look for in a school to know positively that a school is properly accredited. Then ask Concorde if they have those specific accreditations.
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    thanks guys. Will do.
    I would apply to the community college here in Miami its much cheaper i thinks its only like 6k a year for a 2 year program but the way i see it is the school cost 40k, nurses here in south Florida make 50-55k starting pay if i get accepted and finish in a year I can pay off my debt the first year of working as an RN already while in the 2 year program id still be in school. not only would I have my debt paid off already but id have a 1 year head start experience wise on the people doing it in the traditional 2 yr time frame.
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    I was in your situation, it was 39,000 for the program plus i had to pay 75 every month of my own money cause they were private school. Long story short I had a baby and decided to not only go somewhere closer but cheaper. With the classes I had completed on my transcript was sent to the new school they didn't reconize none of the courses so me getting A's in those classes didn't even matter. Now I'm doing it all over again. If I had completed the program they did have a college that accepted their classes but it was a deal between the schools, so just check and see if your school has something like that. Sorry so long winded.
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    You see thats exactly what I was afraid of, but if you dont mind me asking did you finish the AS and THEN try to transfer or did you try to transfer to another nursing program before finishing the program you were currently on?
    Because i am pretty sure I would see the 1 year program all the way through, however, I worry that when I want to apply for a BSN in another institution my entire degree will not be recognized ....
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    DON'T DO IT!!!!!
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    Why not? whats your reasoning ?

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