Has anyone gone to Samland institute south in (Chicago) For CNA?

  1. I know that this CNA program has been mentioned quite a few times on this website but I still cannot find the information I need. So if anyone that attended the class or knows of someone that did could answer the following question for me I would greatly appreciate it. TIA!1. How much is the program?2. Is the money due in advance or on the first day of class?3. What color uniform and gym shoes do you have to wear? 4. What is the name and edition of the nursing they use?5. How soon is the tb test and physical exam due? Before class or before clinicals?6. Is there an information session or pamphlet i can pick up with the information on the program?If anyone can answer any of these questions I would be extremely grateful. I can never get anyone from this location to answer the phone :-(.
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  3. by   cynvill06
    I attended two years ago. White scrubs with white shoes. It was $600. Half was due upfront half was due day of first class.
  4. by   cynvill06
    Tb and physical were due before first clinical
  5. by   cynvill06
    If you just walk in, u can pick up a pamphlet
  6. by   Jessicaflowers
    thank you so much @cynvill06