Hartwick College Accelerated BSN 2010

  1. Hello everyone,

    I thought I would begin a new thread for accepted students into Hartwick College's Accelerated BSN program. I just learned of my acceptance yesterday, I still have little to no information on the details of the program, except that it begins June 1st and its 18 months.

    Is there anyone entering the program that wont be a local student? I'm from Long Island, NY, so I'll be looking into housing soon. Anyway, this can be a good place for everyone to introduce themselves and get acquainted before June. Hope to hear from some of you soon!
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  3. by   JulietJose
    Hye Megan, by chance I just went on this site after emailing you, in an effort to contact others in the 18 month Nursing program at Hartwick college. I'm from Long Island as well. (New Hyde Park), Ny. I'm looking into housing either an apt or dorm. Leaning towards dorming just b/c when there are snow storms in the winter and we need to wake up to go to clinicals, there is no guarantee that the snow on the driveway or street where we park our car (if living in an apt) will be removed. While if we reside in Hartwick, they actually remove the snow from everywhere, streets, parking lots etc. Living in an apt can also be expensive, most of the rooms are not furnished (I did my research by calling Oneonta student rentals, Peter clark Student Rentals, etc). So we will have additional posts of buying beds,study tables, dresser etc...while if we stay in Hartwick we don't have to worry about extra costs. My only concern is that I dont wish to be placed with a random roommate, if its a freshman, they might be at a diff level from me, maturity and all. So I would prefer to room with someone in the same program as me 18 month ABSN or 2 yr and 1 summer program since we will be busy with Nursing and our goal of succeeding. If you get this contact me. I'm also on Fb. (CMSV network)
    Juliet Jose
  4. by   LPN1987
    Is Hartwick easy to get into? what were your gpas?
  5. by   NYRN2
    Hi, I'm new to this and this is my first post but I'm glad I came across this thread because I also got into the 18 month accelerated program. I'm also from Long Island (Amityville) and of course, will be planning to dorm once the semester begins.

    Have you guys already started the program? How intense is it?
    I'm super nervous!