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Hardest pre-req? - page 4

Which pre-requisite did you guys find the most challenging?... Read More

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    MICROBIOLOGY !!! For sure for me...
    Chemistry wasn't a walk in the park, but Micro kicked my @$$

    to address a previous posters' question - Micro was so much more difficult than AP for me because - our exams would cover on average 4 chapters each (sometimes 5) whereas typically AP was only 1 at a time, sometimes 2, and if it did cover 2 chapters - they were at least related.
    Of course that being said, my AP2 exam next 3 covers 3 chapters.... so let the fun begin.
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    Oh lucky, our A&P exams typically cover 3-4 chapters. It's SO much information!
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    I'm finding Microbiology a walk in the park. I slept through half of my psychology class and got an A. I hate math but college algebra is going fine for me. In my A&P class, the exams are all fill in the blank and cover 4-5 chapters per exam. I love A&P, it's just tons of memorization, so that's why I rank it as my hardest/most challenging class.
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    I was Chemistry major, so I actually loved Chemistry.
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    I haven't taken Microbiology yet, as it isn't a pre req so i'll be doing it later. However, I guess Anatomy although with the great teacher I have that itself isn't too hard. I'll be taking A&P 2 in a 5 week course in the summer...i'll see if I have changed my mind after it .:-)

    Chelsea13- I tried to send you a PM (about Math), but it says that you need to make some space before it will send.
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    Quote from futurernluvenia
    I would have to say Chemistry. I'm taking it right now and I hate it although I like the lab component
    I'll have to agree. Chemistry is by far the hardest prereq I've take, however I love the lab.. Pushing for a B at the least..
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    Quote from havehope

    Chelsea13- I tried to send you a PM (about Math), but it says that you need to make some space before it will send.
    I cleared out my inbox and shot you a message
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    A&P 1 for me. I hated ​all of the memorization.
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    Me too!!! I got an A in A&P I but A&P II just make me feel dumb
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    I thought A and P II wa the hardest.
    I have all those classes behind me, thank God, and waiting to see if I get accepted. SECOND TRY!!!!