Gwynedd Mercy BSN Fall 2018 Program

  1. Hello fellow Nurses,

    After recieving a phone call on acceptance in Gwynedd Mercy's Nursing program , i decided to join this site. I was wondering does anyone have any information on the program regarding what to expect and how to prepare. I know that most people say that Nursing courses can be very challenging so it will help to get some insight on what I should go over prior to starting.
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  3. by   Reeesey
    I was accepted for fall 17 originally. However, the tuition was very high and they caught me off guard! I decided to try again so I'm going to attend may or fall 18. I've heard really good things about the program. It's the only school that accepted all of my classes as well.
  4. by   Allen27
    Thanks for the response. I do agree on the tution being a lil high so I totally understand your decision to postpone. However, Gwynedd offers really good scholarships as a merit. They are based off of your GPA. Luckily I was able to receive that along with other scholarships because like you, I probably wouldn't be able to start this fall either.
    So far, I've heard good things about the program itself and I am extremely excited to start.
    Good luck to with everything.
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