GPA killing grades from previous college. Submit the transcript. yes/no? - page 2

So I had a horrible 2 semesters at a previous college with repeats. Enough that I couldnt register for new classes so I went to another college with the drive that I shouldve had from the beginning but had a ton of personal... Read More

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    I would turn it in. At my university, it is fraud if you try to hide that you went to a school previously and did not submit the transcript.

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    One of the schools I applied to this fall had an application for the school and you sent your transcripts to the school and another application with another set of transcripts for prerequisite work for the nursing department. So basically I had to send in two sets of transcripts with the school asking for ALL transcripts but the nuring program askinf for PREREQ transcripts. Perhaps you will be lucky and you will only have to submit your bad transcript to the school and not as part of your nursing applicaiton. Either that or your program might only take the pre req gpa into consideration and not the overall gpa. Either way good luck!
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    I was in the same boat as you. I went to nursing school right after high school and did not do well at all. I was much more interested in friends and parties than actually going to class. I left school after three semesters because I couldn't afford it. I had a 2.0 GPA, with having to re-take Organic Chemistry. Fast forward 6 years later. I enrolled in community college and took most of my pre-requisites for nursing school (A & P I & II, psychology, ethics, etc.) and ended up with an associates degree in liberal arts with a 3.87 GPA. I have applied to several schools (ADN and BSN programs, both community colleges, state schools and private schools). I was denied by some but accepted into my first choice BSN program. I start next week. I submitted ALL of my transcripts. Most schools do hold in account your older grades but weight your newer grades more. It took me two years to get in, but I did it.

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