Got my tetanus shot today... Got my tetanus shot today... | allnurses

Got my tetanus shot today...

  1. 0 And OW! Fifteen hours later and I can't sleep it's throbbing so much. I also started Hep B and it's sore but I feel like my dang tetanus shot arm is going to fall off. I am getting a TB test Monday and trying to dig up my childhood immunization records (I'm 39...they are probably chiseled in a stone tablet somewhere) to prove I had the polio vaccine. If not, it's a $300 blood test to show I had it. Also have to get varicella if I can't prove I had chicken pox and have to get a flu shot in September. Anyone else having to get all these shots?
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    Got my shot record and now just waiting to see what I need. Lets hope its cheap and my insurance covers it!
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    I had the Tdap about 8 months ago and started the hep. a & B combo series. I just finished my last of those. I just got the nurses to give me the blue form with my shots. I get the flu shot yearly at Publix so I have to stop there and get that proof when I need it. As far as the other blood tests..I plan on getting those with my next blood test. I figured I will throw it in sometime in the next 6 months. Besides that...I have no clue how to get those old records. If you had a baby you can ask the OB for your Rubella. They usually run that.

    And yes. TDap was painful. Mine was very sore for days.
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    Oh, that is true, I hadn't thought of getting rubella results from my midwife/OB. I am dreading having to get any vaccines - so I will probably get as many titers as I can.