Going to an accel BSN information session w/intvw

  1. It's this weekend on Saturday morning - a mandatory information session about the accelerated BSN program followed by a personal interview with the faculty. There seems to be nothing formal about it - I don't have an interview "time", just that the session itself starts at 10am. When it ends, I don't know.

    Anyone ever been to one of these? I asked the person on the phone when I scheduled my spot if I should bring anything, and she said "no". The application deadline isn't for another month or so... so what is this interview going to be about? Hmmm...
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  3. by   FoxyRoxy21
    Unfortunatly, I have no answers for you. But I do wish you tons and tons of luck!!!! I am sure you will kick butt on your interview!!!!!:wink2:
  4. by   Annabelle57
    thanks! i'll let y'all know how it went...