Gcu nursing spring 2018

  1. With all the new requirements & changes going on in GCU's nursing program, I'm worried my chances of getting has slimmed down. Is anyone applying for Spring 2018 and would like to share their GPA and HESI scores?
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  3. by   Nurse12207
    I'm very nervous also. My GPA is 3.74 and Hesi was 83%. How about you?
  4. by   clc1234
    My GPA is 3.48 and Hesi is 86%. I have been told by my SSA that they will be taking around 140 students!
  5. by   Nurse12207
    Did they say about how many are applying for Spring 2018?
  6. by   Nurse12207
    And did your SSA say what the average GPA and Hesi score they are taking?
  7. by   clc1234
    She said she wasn't sure how many are applying since there are still people taking the hesi up until the 15th. I'm not sure about the average gpa or hesi score.
  8. by   meghan5
    Hey guys! I applied for fall & I didn't get in so I'm re-applying for spring. I've been hoping & praying that I get accepted this time, however with all of the changes to the program and the competitiveness I'm not gonna lie I've been very stressed & concerned that I won't get into spring. My nursing GPA is a 3.57 & I got 90% exactly on the HESI. I wish you all the best of luck & I hope to get in along with each of you!
  9. by   angela98
    Im applying and my GPA is a 3.61 and my HESI score is a 92, I'm so worried!!
  10. by   clc1234
    Is this your first time applying?
  11. by   angela98
    yes it is my first time applying
  12. by   Evansj1216
    Hi! This is my first time applying for the program and I'm crazy nervous! My GPA is a 3.71 and my HESI is an 88%
  13. by   Morganne
    Hey guys!
    My GPA is a 3.63 and HESI was a 92% I am really nervous! We should be finding out today or Monday according to my SSA. I feel like my GPA is low because I heard the average GPA for summer was a 3.77!
  14. by   Javeysolis
    Hey guys, I applied for the Fall 2017 with a 3.7 & 90% and didnt get in, I'm reapplying for the Spring 2018 now with a 91.6% HESI. Good luck !