Gcu nursing spring 2018

  1. With all the new requirements & changes going on in GCU's nursing program, I'm worried my chances of getting has slimmed down. Is anyone applying for Spring 2018 and would like to share their GPA and HESI scores?
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  3. by   Nurse12207
    I'm very nervous also. My GPA is 3.74 and Hesi was 83%. How about you?
  4. by   clc1234
    My GPA is 3.48 and Hesi is 86%. I have been told by my SSA that they will be taking around 140 students!
  5. by   Nurse12207
    Did they say about how many are applying for Spring 2018?
  6. by   Nurse12207
    And did your SSA say what the average GPA and Hesi score they are taking?
  7. by   clc1234
    She said she wasn't sure how many are applying since there are still people taking the hesi up until the 15th. I'm not sure about the average gpa or hesi score.