Gcu nursing spring 2018 - page 2

With all the new requirements & changes going on in GCU's nursing program, I'm worried my chances of getting has slimmed down. Is anyone applying for Spring 2018 and would like to share their GPA and... Read More

  1. by   lexykinz18
    CHECK YOUR EMAILS, GUYS! I got in Main Campus Fast Track!!
  2. by   meghan5
    I got in! Banner Fast Track!
  3. by   Javeysolis
    I got in Main campus ! xD
  4. by   angela98
    got accepted main campus!!
  5. by   Evansj1216
    I got in!! I'm so excited Boswell Fast Track!!
  6. by   meghan5
    Has anyone gotten a confirmation email back yet with the next steps we need to take?