GCU nursing program summer 2018

  1. Hey guys I am applying for the nursing program summer 2018 to GCU. I am really nervous, its my first time applying and I take my hesi in a couple of weeks. I have an overall gpa of 3.8 and my Pre req's nursing gpa for the program is a 3.75 and hoping it will go up as I finish my last fall 2017 pre req's classes. Any ideas what hesi score I should aim for ? to give me more of a chance in getting in??

    Also for those who are applying for summer 2018 as well, would you mind dropping your nursing pre req's gpa and hesi scores..
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  3. by   AmyAnn00
    If you mean Grand Canyon, I have heard of people with a 3.5 being accepted so I wouldn't worry too much, your GPA is great.
    I was planning on applying but they don't accept transfer students anymore
    Because of that, your chances are probably higher (they have to accept lower scores because less people apply).
    Good luck, I hope you make it in!
  4. by   vgc12
    I'm currently retaking classes right now to hopefully improve my gpa to a 3.75 and my hesi score is a 90!
  5. by   pinky67
    hopefully, and yes its harder for transfers to get in unfornately
  6. by   pinky67
    Thats awesome, are you applying fof summer 2018 as well ? Is this your first time applying ?