flow of heart

  1. I am in anatomy two and we are currently on the study of heart. We have to know the flow of the heart starting from left ventricle to coronary circuit to the right atrium to get to left lung. We have to write out a step by step flow chart of this. Any suggestions? My book doesn't explain it well, i just explains pulmonary and systemic circuit only
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  3. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    This is how our instructor broke it down. I don't know if you want it to be more detailed though

    Blood flows into heart
    Superior/Inferior Vena Cava
    Rt. Atrium
    tricuspid valve
    Rt. Ventricle
    Pulmonary trunk/arteries (blue)
    Rt. & Lt. lungs
    Pulmonary veins (red)
    Lt. Atrium
    mitral/biscupid valve
    Semilunar valve
    to body

  4. by   carlarenee02
    This is to the person that sent last response to my flow of heart message. Would it be possible to have the flow more detailed?

    Thank you much.
  5. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    I forgot the pulmonary valve!!!

    It should read rt. ventricle
    pulmonary valve
    pulmonary trunk

    the rest is right

    Sorry for the error!!

    OP, I'm not sure it is less detailed this is how it is presented in our text. When I said detailed I guess I meant how it was presented. I was unclear if this was how your instructor wants you to present it. If I can help you out specifically let me know.
  6. by   Gurmo
    In a little more detail you could point out when exactly the blood flows. Like when the ventricles contract the blood in the right atrium is forced thru the tricuspid valve into the right atrium. When the atrium begins contraction it forces the tricuspid valve to close forcing it thru the pulmonary value into the pulmonary trunk. When the atrium relaxes, the pressure in PT is stronger than the RA so blood tries to go back into the RA but it forces the pulmonary valve to close preventing back flow. Sorta the same thing with left side.
  7. by   Gurmo
    Oh wait, I just noticed.

    Quote from carlarenee02
    We have to know the flow of the heart starting from left ventricle to coronary circuit to the right atrium to get to left lung.
    From the left atrium? Thru the coronary circuit? Then yes it would pass thru the bicuspid valve into the L Ventricle. From there there it would be pumped thru the Aortic Valve, up the Ascending Aorta into the Aortic Arch where it would branch off into the Coronary Artery. The Coronary Artery would take it thru the Coronary Arteroiles before reaching the Cardiomyocites for the mitochondrias to perform ATP production. Then the blood would travel back thru the Coronary Veins before reaching the Coronary Sinus which will dump the deoxygenated blood into the Right Atrium.

    One interesting fact that when the heart is contracting, the blood vessels in the heart on squeezed shut. Once the heart relaxes, the pressure in the veins has built up so much that is causes it to flow thru.

    Good luck on your question though.