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Hello guys how are you? Today, I took my first Anatomy exam on Chapters 1, Atlas A, 3 & 4. I studied for about 2-3 days (first mistake I know) . And last night, I studied from 7:30-12:a.m. I even... Read More

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    Yep i got my first exam monday to im nervous but i just want to get it over with

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    My Anatomy professor said "more than half of you will fail the first exam". She went on to say, that that doesn't mean an F for the class, rather that we could still get A's but this first test would teach us where we needed to improve our study skills/habits. She said she seed it every semester. She emphasized studying concepts versus memorizing terms and concept mapping versus "out loud" studying and re-reading. If you are not familiar with concept mapping: start with a blank sheet if papers and map out (with lines) what each step in a process does. Example: blastocoele all the way to tissues, organs and systems. Every step in the damn process! From beginning to end. If you can do that without looking you understand the concept!!!!
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    Chin up! You can still do a great job in the class. I really think the first exam is always the hardest because I don't really know what to expect in terms of the prof's "style" of giving exams... so don't beat yourself up too much! Just focus as much effort as you can to being mindful in class about actively learning and using your study time efficiently! GL on the next one!
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    My heart goes out to you and I am relieved you are still in the game. I know for my self I have perfectionistic goals for my self and the expectations just to make it in to the program is high already. You have amazing insight in to your self but try not to beat your self up so much. We are going to win some and loose some but we ARE going to all make it to the final goal, to be the best nurse that we can be. In a conversation with my grandmother, she had a message passed on from a family friend that really resinated with me. I have reminders on post its all over the place when I start getting down on my self that helps sometimes.
    Chris, the family friend, was attending a large top university in the east. She like alot of students had to work to keep her self going. She didnt have the family responsibilities but she had real life responsibilities that she had to keep up on. Sometimes she did not get the grades that she knew she could have gotten, or there were off tests. The message that she sent to me is, at the end of it all, when we get that diploma or that licence in our hands, there are no grades or test score on it. It is a symbol of our hard work and dedication, our tears, fears, losses and gains. So just remember as you are traveling along your path at the end of it all, when we get our diplomas and licenses, it shows we stuck in there and did it. We did not give up nor did we fail even if sometimes we had some failures along the way.

    We got this friend!!
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    My anatomy teacher is blowing through the material. I am starting Chapter 7 now! The other classes I see just finished chapter 3 or 4! wow. Both my chm and ant. are blowing through chapters. I have had 3 quizes and 1 exam so far in my anatomy class...and 5 tests in chemistry.

    I am reading the book and writing everything I see that is important. Then I am going through my power points and writing notes on them plus rewriting important stuff. Then I made my own flashcards with the cell functions and name on the front plus I did that for main definitions I needed. I worked them over and over sometimes I used the front other times the back. Then I separated the ones I kept missing to review.

    For histology, I went over the book's website and copied and rewrote the chart that explains all the histology. Then I redrew the slides and rewrote my notes twice. I was shocked that I finally seemed to get it. Histology was very hard for me but I think I really understand it. My teacher asked some questions that hadnt been in the chapter but figured we should have known. Kind of frustrating but what can you do. Ive run into a few issues but I think in is just writing and rewriting. I also downloaded the audio from the book website to listen to when I drive. They dont have it for every chapter...but I guess every little bit helps.
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    Wow at 7 chapters. I'm in night classes and have covered chapters 1 & 3. Plus maybe 4 lab exercises. We go back and cover chapter 2 after our test on Thursday evening. Our teachers goal is to cover the first 10 chapters in A&P 1 and the next 10 in A&P 2.

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