Excited and nervous all over again!

  1. 0 So, I have already been accepted to the ADN program at the Community College I have been attending for pre-reqs and all the lovely classes I had to take since I have been out of school since 93. However, I recieved word that the BSN program in my town, that is a GREAT program still had a few seats left. I had a meeting today with an admissions counselor and as long as I can get my official transcripts to them before the seats fill I have a spot!
    I am super nervouse, praying that these make it there in time. This school does many more clinical hours, and they are THE school that the hospitals from this area want to hire from. It would be such a wonderful opportunity! So, I am just praying that the mail service is timely and gets my transcripts there.
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    Congratulations! Praying you get your transcripts asap. Best wishes!!
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    Good luck! I almost went for ASN but life has led me to a BSN option instead and I am happy!
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    Thanks to both of you! I am happy that this chance has opened up. I did not think I had a chance to get into a BSN program, so I went for ADN. However I have managed to keep my GPA up even though I messed up last summer and took to heavy of a load. GPA is not where I want it, but still pretty good! And my TEAS scores where pretty good as well. I just never thought I would have a chance at Mercy (the BSN program), and now that I do I am so excited. I think I am driving my husband nuts this weekend about it.

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