Easy Chem II class online?

  1. 0 Hi there! Does anyone know of any easy Chem II class online (inorganic)? I despise Chem and have all of my other pre-reqs done for nursing school. Hoping to make this as painless as possible!!
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    If you're only going to look for the easy way out of things then I wouldn't even bother applying to nursing school. When you're on the job are you only going to take care of patients that are "easy"?
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    I appreciate your comment but I am thrilled and excited to take care of patients. Chem II is a very flimsy indication of my ability to care for patients as I have taken all of my prereqs: A &P I and II, Microbiology, Physics, Psych, Patho, etc. and have gotten straight A's in these classes, have learned a significant amount and feel very prepared for nursing education as a result. Chem however, is a significant challenge for me and if I can get a recommendation for a class that may be easier for me to complete, learn and do well in then I feel that my question is worth asking.

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