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Hi everyone! I will be transferring to the University of Detroit Mercy this Fall, and I will have a full slate of pre-requisite classes - some classes I hear are really hard to be exact. :uhoh21:... Read More

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    That is a tough load to take, but you can defintley do it !!! I just got done with A&P II and I got an 89% so unfortunatly a B+, but I got that with having 2 children at home working nights at a hospital and going through a miscarriage that made me miss 2 weeks of school (that is what brought down my A) and my first semester of A&P I had a miscarriage that I missed the last 3 weeks of the semester and stilled pulled off an A in the class so YES it is possible .. If you want it bad enough you can get it !!!!
    Good luck to you,
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    I agree with the person who said it all depends on what type of student you are. I was told not to take 2 sciences in the same semester, but I did it anyway and pulled As in both. You have almost a 4.0, so it sounds like you are a serious student. I say go for it!
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    Seriously, it can be done. I just finished spring 2008 taking Chemistry, AP II, and Microbiology.

    A in all 3 lectures and 2 labs, only B in AP II Lab.

    And that was with statistics, so it can be done, but be ready to have very limited free/social time.
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    Once again everyone, thank so much for your feedback! You all sound so amazing, pulling As with all these responsibilities and other hard classes! I only hope I can be as amazing as everyone here is! One reason I'm still worried about taking such a heavy course load is that I will be all on my own -no family in Michigan - in a new school and trying to adjust to dorm life. I'm never afraid to talk to my teachers -personally I think its critical in some classes- and I study pretty hard (I usually end up knowing my teachers better than my fellow classmates LOL). Still, I hope I don't get overwhelmed with all the personal changes I have to adjust to. I'm pretty good with rote memorization and things like that, so I think that if I live and breath flashcards LOL, I could make it through A&P pretty well. The thing is I'm having a bit of tough time with Chem. 101, mostly because it requires more 'critical thinking' than the kind of critical thinking I developed in all my past quarters in Math classes. I'm worried this could continue into BioChem. and my advisor (she's an honest sort, which I really appreciate) said BioChem. was a 'make or break' class for pre-nursing students and that you have to of course have good grades in the class - not just 'pass' it. I guess I'll just try my best and pray alot! :bowingpur Thanks everyone for your support and input! Please keep your thoughts coming!
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    I think it will be OK if:

    1) you aren't working

    2) you are willing to bypass most other extracurricular activities and spend several hours EACH day to study

    This will be a lot like nursing school so it will actually be a good preview for you.
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