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Contacting the BON?

  1. 0 Background: I was arrested for a non drug or violence-related misdameanor in 2009 and the case has since been dismissed, meaning I was never charged. It is also about to be a "sealed" file, meaning employers won't be able to access it (the BON still can.)

    Okay, so on my LVN application, it only asks to disclose any information about felonies. I have never been arrested for a felony so that part doesn't even matter. But after that part, it says that if you have anything that may show up on your background/cause you to not have a "clean" background check, you should contact the BON asap.

    So, my questions are: Do dismissed misdameanors render a background check "unclean?" Would I need to disclose this to the BON? And if I do need to disclose this to the BON, how do I do that? It doesn't give instructions and all I can find on the website is to email the webmaster.

    Many thanks, from a cutthroat criminal.
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    Which state are you applying for licensure?
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