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Connecticut Community College Pre-Nursing Student

  1. 0 i'm a little overwhelmed due to the fact that these prerequsiutes are going by and i'm actually taking these courses to be a actually nursing student. i take my teas on the 27th and i am studying from the manual any other suggestions? anyway for ncc ( norwalk community college) nursing program you need to do 6 prerequisites + the teas test to be considered and have atleast a 2.5. so far i did eng 101 -b ; csa 106 - a ; now i'm going to do mat*137 in the spring 2012 , che*111 in the summer , bio*211 in the fall 2012 and the bio*212 in the spring of 2013, it's just overwheleming because if you don't have the right grades they won't even look at your file. you have to have a & b's to be considered plus have a good score on your teas i'm guess like an 80% percentile rate. . but is anyone else in the same boat as me? i'm for going to apply for fall 2013 @ norwalk community college. !!
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    I think the study guide is the best way to prepare. I would take it again after you finish chem 111 and A&P I. GWCC has had tutoring sessions in the past, I would see if they still do that it was really helpful. Hang in there! Concentrate on getting the best GPA you can that's 50% of the ranking.
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    Thank you so much, I just really hope I can get through this I'm hearing alot of negative more than Postive! but thankyou for taking the time to write back !