College transfer help! Which school is worth the money in PA?

  1. Hi guys i'm new on here & need some advice. I am currently in the process of finding nursing programs to transfer into and need some help. My current choices are Drexel, Lasalle, Holy Family & my top choice Villanova. There are some pros and cons for starters Villanova is really expensive and to transfer I would have to take pretty much all my pre reqs in 1 yr (A&P 1&2 Chem possibly chem 2 and Micro) But a pro is that their GPA requirement is a 2.75 I've heard their campus is beautiful and I got a really good vibe when I spoke to the head of the nursing program she was very welcoming on the other hand Drexel has an excellent nursing program and their GPA requirement is a 3.0 and my pre reqs do not have to be finished beforehand. When I called them they were nice and informative also. My only issue is I dnt really like their campus I dnt get that college homey feel if you know what I mean. I like both of these universitys the most but just want to get some opinions & personal experiences on transfering to the nursing program in any of these schools. Lasalle & Holy family aren't my top choices but have decent nursing programs so they are somewhat like my safetys. Which ones would you recommend? Thanks in advance for any inputs
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    Is transportation a consideration? Villanova is in the suburbs, where a car is a necessity. The other 3 are very accessible to public transport. I have lived nearby all 3 urban schools, and I would probably say that Drexel has the most interesting/cultural neighborhood. With all three there are tradeoffs about safety, parking, etc. For myself in particular, I would not attend either LaSalle or Holy Family, as I am a gay atheist, and I don't think I could support them, as they don't support me, institutionally. On the other hand, some allegedly "religious" institutions are truly accepting of everyone and their ideas, but I personally would not take the chance. All 4 of your choices would give you an excellent nursing education, and I would suggest contacting them and going for a tour and meeting some of the faculty and students before making up your mind. If you would like to discuss it more, please feel free to email me. Dave Dunn, RN
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