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CNA or EMT After Rejection?

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    Is it a good idea to take CNA classes after being rejected to a nursing program? I will have all my pre reqs completed by the end of this semester which should help me in the next application cycle. My school offers CNA programs this summer that I was thinking about taking in the meantime. It would only last through the summer. The next nursing program won't start until January 2012 so I have some extra time. I already have my EMT B cert. and it expires in May. I shouldn't have a problem recertifying before then but unfortunately I haven't done anything with the certification but volunteer with the local rescue squad for the last six months. You can apply to the hospital here after one year experience, but I'm not sure if the CNA would be better because it would probably be closer to nursing type experience. I was unable to include my emt cert in my app to the nursing program the last time and probably will not be able to include the cna, though I think they will be able to see I've taken it on my transcripts. If I get the CNA I will probably only be able to work from fall to spring if I get into the nursing program so I'm not sure if it's even worth it just for the little bit of experience. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I could also start taking some things that will transfer to other school as a back up plan. Any advice is much appreciated. thank you!
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    I was an EMT-B with 7 years experience volunteering with a fire department when I applied to nursing school and they couldn't care less. Getting accepted to nursing school requires major ___ kissing, unless you are an extremely attractive and flirtatious female who knows how to "get" what she wants. Sorry if that offended anyone, just seen that scenario played too many times. My PERSONAL opinion is to take a refresher and keep your is a good back-up. You never know when you will need it to get a job later on. However, if you want to look good for nursing school, CNA is the thing to do. My EMT lapsed while I was in LPN school and I really regret losing it....Not that I need it right now, its just a good license to have no matter what you do
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    i would do the CNA thing. it wouldnt hurt to see what nurses have to put up. plus this will add to your experience. also CNA is all that you do in nursing school in the first semester. they build you from the ground and up so the CNA classes will help you alot.

    now lets cross our fingers and pray that you get in next time they select ppl for the program. good luck.
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    Quote from nurse_bear
    Getting accepted to nursing school requires major ___ kissing, unless you are an extremely attractive and flirtatious female who knows how to "get" what she wants. Sorry if that offended anyone, just seen that scenario played too many times.
    Umm.. Ok.. Not sure where to go with this one.... My School you apply for the Nursing program online and we follow a "points" system. For each completed course we get full points, if the class is in progress at the time of applying we get a half point and if we haven't took the class yet, but will have it completed before starting the program we get no points. The higher you points the better off you will be getting in, if you don't get in the first try you are point on a waiting list.. Then re-apply the next time around... My school goes based on your academics..

    I say, don't give up.. Do a CNA program, this summer and possibly get a job until you begin your nursing program. This will give you a foot in the door.. But continue to apply until you get in, if you really want to be an RN.. Good Luck
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    Ok i want to apologize about my post! I typed it last night while trying to stay awake. Reading what i typed i see how it probably is offensive. I did NOT mean that that was the only way to get in was to be hot. I went to a private catholic school which like all programs was very competitive. We had a handful of females in my class that were very, well, talkative with the male staff. All the other females even rolled their eyes. They knew who they were. They played the game and made sure everyone knew their names and they got in. Its a long story and i dont want to go into specifics but you catch my drift. I wasnt trying to sound sexist and i am sorry for that. By kiss___ i mean you have to do things that make you look good to the school, not you. Emt makes you look good but cna makes you look better, at least at my school. A vast majority who get accepted worked very hard and fought tooth and nail to get in. It just seemed to me like a handful just got in no matter what. It was frustrating.