Chattahoochee tech 2018 fall admissions - page 2

Hi everyone. I wanted to create a forum if anyone was interested are sharing their stories or worries about applying for chattahoochee techs ASN program in 2018. I didn't know if anyone knew how many... Read More

  1. by   Lacey33
    I got an 84 and I'm thinking about re-taking it. The face book group had a lot of helpful questions that were very similar to what was on the test. Take practice tests and time yourself. The actual test has a calculator on the exam. Reading was what got me. Reading 78, math 93, science 83, and English 83. Good luck!
  2. by   Lacey33
    Which session are you attending?
  3. by   kathy kat
    hey Lacey33 is there a way i can be added to that facebook group page, i will like to get more material for studies. thanks
  4. by   Lacey33
    Ati teas 6 test - study group is the name
  5. by   kathy kat
    thank you very much