Changes for SFState & Canada Satellite

  1. So apparently if you're applying to SFState's undergrad BSN program, you don't have the option of applying to both the main campus and Canada's program anymore? During the application season last year, students were able to apply to both the main campus program and Canada's satellite program, but my friend just got off the phone with a representative for Canada who confirmed that you can only pick one to apply to this year.

    Has anyone else heard this yet? I think it's such a major bummer that they won't let us apply to both programs. Students last year had a better chance given the option to apply to both--it just doesn't seem fair that the current crop of applicants has to suffer from this change. :/

    Anywho, just a little update in case anyone wasn't aware of this already/minor ranting on my part haha. G'luck with apps!
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