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    Has Anyone got into the nursing program at cerritos college. I just got a letter from Goldenwest today saying I am on the alternate list which makes me crazy! I am now waiting to see if I got into Cerritos but the wait is killing me. Does anyone know when they are sending out the letters? If you have any information please let me know... thank you

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    My best friend got into that school with a scholarship (downey 10)...but she opten to go to Cypress. But this was 2 semesters ago..Good Luck to you though, I will be applying there in the fall.
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    I got a letter from cerritos that says that i qualify for possible admission for fall 2010 or spring 2011 and i made an appointment to take the TEAS if i pass the TEAS does that mean that I am in???? I am CONFUSED!!!
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    yeah I got that same letter and i am going to take the test on tuesday... I want to know if they automatically accept you or if you have to wait... I am dying! I can't take all this back and forth... anyone know anything?
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    hey, im still waiting for my letter from Cerritos college... im so nervous. my friend got her's yesterday saying that she needs to take the teas test but i think she got accepted. I applied in march, and they said it takes 4 to 6 weeks for them to send the letters out. I checked my mail today and there was no letter...ughh I hope I get it tommorow or sometime this week. I'm not sure if i should call them and ask if if they have sent my letter or not?
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    oh are you guys now in the nursing program?
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    as for as I know I have to take the test and then they will tell us if we are in... I am not sure if we are in as long as we pass the test or what... I hope so! As for now I have to study, study, study!
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    I'm still waiting for my acceptance letter from Cerritos I'm happy that you received a letter from them. Yay! From what I've read the letter you received is the acceptance into their program, but the TEAS test is the final process you will need to complete. GOOD LUCK! Hope I hear something soon, if not maybe I didn't get in.
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    i got a letter from cerritos college stating that i qualify for possible admission for fall 2010, or spring 2011 yesterday... but i'm guessing i should've gotten the letter sooner than that because my envelope said the letter was postmarked on april 21st. my parents never get the mail on time... :[ now i'm freaking out because i only have 4 days to cram and study! i'm taking the teas on tuesday at 2pm, wish i had until thursday!

    i called to schedule my appointment for the teas and asked the receptionist some questions. so basically, she clarified to me after you take your teas and they have your score, they do another randomized lottery with the 170 who received a letter to determine if you’ll be admitted in the fall (50 students) or spring (50 students) and the rest (70) are alternates. but basically, even if you don’t pass the teas you are still put in the lottery because they’ll just make you take remediation classes. so people who got the letter aren’t quite in yet, we still have a chance of being an alternate based on our randomized ranking/lottery number we get after taking the teas.

    everyone needs to take the teas by may 6th and get their scores in or else they will drop you from their acceptance list because they will start forming fall and spring classes on may 7th.

    and lastly, even if you do poorly on the teas test that you took at cerritos college and didn’t pass with a 67%, that score won’t be transferred to other schools you applied to for nursing school because you can just take it again at the other school, when they ask for your teas scores. schools won’t know if you bombed your other teas test at another school because you personally send in your own highest score.

    so i think that those who didn’t get a letter telling them to take the teas are out of luck this time around because they’ll just be randomly selecting out of that pool of 170 now. hopefully, you have a backup plan and will be accepted to other schools! j good luck to everyone!
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    Thanks junebabe that really helped clarify.... so I guess I am not out of the woods yet... good luck and Happy Studying

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