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Has Anyone got into the nursing program at cerritos college. I just got a letter from Goldenwest today saying I am on the alternate list which makes me crazy! I am now waiting to see if I got into Cerritos but the wait is killing... Read More

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    I took the TEAS this morning at Cerritos College. I was completely thrown off on the science part. LOL! Did not comprehend any of the questions, but luckily, I score 80% overall. I wonder if the school looks at the overall score or each subject individually? Because, if they look at the science part, it's very low.

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    Quote from junebabe06
    i got a letter from cerritos college stating that i qualify for possible admission for fall 2010, or spring 2011 yesterday... but i'm guessing i should've gotten the letter sooner than that because my envelope said the letter was postmarked on april 21st. my parents never get the mail on time... :[ now i'm freaking out because i only have 4 days to cram and study! i'm taking the teas on tuesday at 2pm, wish i had until thursday!

    i called to schedule my appointment for the teas and asked the receptionist some questions. so basically, she clarified to me after you take your teas and they have your score, they do another randomized lottery with the 170 who received a letter to determine if youíll be admitted in the fall (50 students) or spring (50 students) and the rest (70) are alternates. but basically, even if you donít pass the teas you are still put in the lottery because theyíll just make you take remediation classes. so people who got the letter arenít quite in yet, we still have a chance of being an alternate based on our randomized ranking/lottery number we get after taking the teas.

    everyone needs to take the teas by may 6th and get their scores in or else they will drop you from their acceptance list because they will start forming fall and spring classes on may 7th.

    and lastly, even if you do poorly on the teas test that you took at cerritos college and didnít pass with a 67%, that score wonít be transferred to other schools you applied to for nursing school because you can just take it again at the other school, when they ask for your teas scores. schools wonít know if you bombed your other teas test at another school because you personally send in your own highest score.

    so i think that those who didnít get a letter telling them to take the teas are out of luck this time around because theyíll just be randomly selecting out of that pool of 170 now. hopefully, you have a backup plan and will be accepted to other schools! j good luck to everyone!

    what happens if you fall into the alternate group? can you reapply for the fall 2011? or how does it work?
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    lol thats great!! I still haven't received my letter yet, they told me two more weeks and this is the 2nd week so I should be receiving it this week...
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    I called them today at 4:30 and the secretary said they sent out letters on Tuesday May 25th. She asked for my last and first name and said I was #126. She said I probably won't get into the program in Fall, and I'm looking at alternate status for Spring '11. I'm sort of confused here because 175 were chosen to take the TEAS (1st lottery)out of the 426 that applied. 50 chosen for Fall and 50 for Spring= 100. If I'm 126 out of 175 shouldn't that still give me a chance to be an alternate for Fall, considering if 26 people don't accept because they're going to another school instead? She said most likely I will get in for spring but thats still a long time to wait! I really want to start working towards my nursing degree now! Can anyone help clarify or know of anything that can help me relieve my anxiety? I want to ask the secretary at cerritos more questions, but it always seems like they're trying to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, not really calming your nerves.

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