Carrington Reno Jan 2018

  1. Hi! Just curious to see if anyone was applying to Carrington for the January 2018 start and how you did on the entrance exam!?
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  3. by   Nursingk8
    Hello! I am considering applying. I haven't taken the exam yet though. Is it hard? I've taken the HESI before, but Carrington requires Kaplan right?
  4. by   nursekdreaming
    Hi! Yes it is the Kaplan now. It consists of reading comprehension, math, and writing (not actual writing but fixing sentences, identifying grammar and spelling errors). The last day to take the entrance exam is next Thursday and I believe the background check and drug test is due by then. Not sure if there is enough time for you to apply for January start but they start classes in May also. Good luck!!
  5. by   Nursingk8
    So I just went to the information session and they pushed out the date until 10/27 because so many people are taking the Kaplan. I guess that means there will be a lot of people applying this round I'm taking the exam on the 26th! Hopefully I get something decent. She said to shoot for the high 80's.
  6. by   nursekdreaming
    Oh wow! I knew there were quite a few people applying but didn't anticipate that! Good luck on your Kaplan!