Canadian Wanna-be Nurse looking to nurse in States- help!

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    Hi y'all! I was hoping you could help me with a bit of information. First off, I'm a grade 11 student and I'm looking to get into nursing. We have a program in Canada where I can get a university and college degree in a four year program. I was just wondering, what are the qualifications to nurse in the States? For example, California?
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    Very similar. Here in 4 years you can have your bachelors in nursing which is set up as a 2+2 format. 2 years of pre requisite classes (a&p, microbo, nutrition, chem, stat, math, english, etc) and then you apply to a bachelors of nursing program and do your last two years. They is also an associates of nursing in which you'd test for the same license as a bachelors prepared nurse would, the NCLEX. This route is about 2 semesters of pre reqs and 2 years of nursing school.