Can Financial Aid help cover other expenses while in Nursing School?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I will be applying late 2014 to Cal State Long Beach, once I've completed all my pre-reqs and TEAS. I work full-time for a health plan and have daycare and babysitting expenses that I cannot make dissapear (don't we all wish). I would hate to think that I will complete my courses get accepted and there will be no money to help me out with this.

    So my questions is, If your typical BSN program without pre-reqs (assuming you completed at a JC) costs around $20-$30k, some covered by Financial Aid and Student Loans, does anyone know if living expenses and daycare can be added? In this day and age, how are loans and financial institutions helping older adults with continued education to increase job security?

    I've been on a temporary assignment with no benefits for 3 years now, a degree in Nursing will definately put me in a better position increase my chances of finding stable work, but how much help can i get if it means having no work for two years? Has anyone experienced this or has found resources?

    So far i know that i can apply for loans but im preparing for worst case scenario. Being: not so good credit and I am at almost 90 units.

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