Camberlain Chicago fall 2011

  1. Has anyone been accepted to the Chamberlain College of Nursing Chicago campus for Fall 2011? If so, what was your GPA and HESI score and when did you find out? The wait is killing me!!!
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  3. by   SO LOST
    i am getting ready to take the HESI nxt Tuesday..... AGHHHH!!! How was it??? I'm going to the campus in Jacksonville, Fl. did the study guide have the info needed for test? let me know tnks. Good Luck!!
  4. by   erin0990
    The HESI wasn't bad at all...I got a 92.33 on it (math, reading and vocab are more heavily weighed than the science portions and those were EASY) Be sure to know fractions and ratios for them math section. I bought a study guide from the bookstore on campus and that was a big help. The only thing I'm abit worried about is my GPA - it's right around the minimum requirement at a 2.8. Oh well, whatever hapens happens I suppose Good Luck to you too!! Let me know if you have any other questions about the HESI
  5. by   SO LOST
    thanks soo much... i've been focusiing on the math an vocab the most. lol. I have the same GPA to work w too, that's y i know i need to score high on the HESI. Good luck. Let me know when u find out!
  6. by   SO LOST
    oh one more thing, sry.... is there a lot of ?'s with convertions??? tnks again
  7. by   erin0990
    There were a few but If I remember they were pretty simple... Sorry I'm blanking on any specifics. I think they had something about oz and pints though
  8. by   erin0990
    I GOT IN!! As long as you score hugh on your HESI you shouldnt have a problem getting accepted, even with only having the minimum GPA. Good luck!!!