Bsn, lvn/lpn, or adn

  1. Hi all!
    I need some help with direction! I have a bachelors degree in psychology but want to go back to school for nursing. I'm currently taking my last prerequisite course (physio) and want to start applying to schools. The problem is my GPA is around a 2.8-3.0. Initially, I was going to apply to two entry level masters programs and an accelerated bsn program to see where I got accepted. Almost being finished with my prereqs, I have little hope with getting into a school because of my low GPA. I have worked in a medical office for a little over a year and a wellness center for two years. My question is... should I still apply to a entry level masters or bsn program? Or should I start an lvn-lpn program and work up the totem pole that way?
    Other concerns are later down the road, will some hospitals assist an lvn to get their bsn? And money...I'm paying off student loans right now and need to continue to work to live! I know that accelerated and masters programs are very intensive and advise you don't work at all.
    Can someone please lead me in the right direction for my situation?