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Is there anyone out there who has applied for the Brightwood RN program with the January start date?... Read More

  1. by   Dc117
    I'm coming in as a Generic entry. I am in my last class for my AS, but since I don't have it yet, it doesn't apply to the program for extra points. But I did finish all of the pre-reqs. I have 8 mos of work experience as a CNA. How about you?
  2. by   Sckov
    That's great! I have a few classes already done. I am also coming in as a generic 9 months as a ultrasound tech/MA.
  3. by   Dc117
    That's really good!! Hopefully we'll all make it in! 18 more days til we find out!
  4. by   Beansnrice
    Anyone that has applied, do you have any concerns about the schools accreditation being in limbo? I was registering last week and one of the Doran's states they wind be accredited after juneb2018, however they're applied for a new accreditation but there's no guarantee they will get it. Which scares me because I applied with the hopes of transferring to another school for my bsn. Anyone else have a concern on this?
  5. by   Dc117
    Yes, I read into that as well. Something like, the accreditation they had pretty much stopped and they have until June to find a new accreditation. But I didn't ask about it
  6. by   Sckov
    Omgsh I didn't know about this, will they still have the CA accredition or none until someone takes them? That's definitely a concern. I want to be able to take the nclex after we finish and actually be registered to work in CA.
  7. by   Sckov
    Where did you guys read this?
  8. by   Dc117
    Quote from Sckov
    Where did you guys read this?
    This is in the catalog,
    The bottom of page 6.
  9. by   Dc117
    This is definitely a concern I want to find out about too.
    This is in the catalog, bottom of page 6.
    Here's the link,
  10. by   Jshea00
    Has anyone heard back to see of they got in. I just read the thread and wow 150 people that makes me really nervous.
  11. by   Dc117
    I think we hear back at the end of the month.