Bridging over to paramedic?

  1. The main question I have is whether I can bridge over as an LPN or do I need to go further and if so, how much? ADN? BSN? And opinions are more than welcome because even if LPN is the only thing that is needed I would like to know from experience is it best to go further with it and from the paramedics pov, since the plan is to bridge, what would help that process more?

    The main reason I ask is because I eventually would like to become a paramedic due to the speed needed in the job. I know chaos isn't quite the word but I like the fast pace that the job seems to have and I deal with that and stress very well. I've taken the EMT class and enjoyed it but having a CMA job that pays better than the local jobs here where I live, I haven't taken that step yet. And although I would like the experience in the field rather than going through more classes, I also have to take a step back and look at job viability. Having a nursing license seems to give more oppurtunities than an EMT-P would so therefore, with the circumstances that are facing me right now going through the nursing end and bridging over is the plan I'm pursuing at the moment.

    Hopefully this doesn't start an argument about whether i should bridge or go straight through the EMT classes because I myself don't intend to just go through the EMT-B class and then throw away the card, there just isn't much of an oppurtunity to use it where I live unless I go through the fire department as a first responder and even then its a slim chance.
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  3. by   Sniper RN
    It depends on where you live. I don't know of anywhere that bridges LPN+EMT = Paramedic. In florida where I live if you have your EMT-B + RN= Paramedic. You still have to take the Paramedic exam tho.
  4. by   ParamedicFNPwantabe
    In Texas you must be an RN, get your EMT-B and then you may have to even study additional parts of the Paramedic curriculum prior to being able to test for Paramedic.

    I'm in the opposite situation. Currently a Paramedic and looking to take the Paramedic to RN program. From there I think I will try to get my FNP.