BIO 205 online 8 week summer session at Phoenix College

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    Did anyone take BIO 205 8 week session online at Phoenix College? How was it?

    Which one is more challenging BIO 205 online or BIO 202 online?

    I recently took BIO 202 16 weeks session online at PC (It was challenging but doable) and now I am thinking of taking BIO 205 online during the summer. I kind of like taking my classes online (it is much convenient), but I worry that the 8 week session will be too much in such a short time and that I won't be able to finish it with high grade.

    It will be the only class I will be taking at the time and I am not working but I am a new mom to a 7 month old and I've been told that we are going to have guests staying with us for a weekend while I'll be taking the class.
    Any thoughts, insights or advises will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I took all my online classes thru Rio Salado. I felt Micro was easier than A&P. You might post this in the Arizona Nurses/Education section to get more responses from those that have taken Phoenix College classes. Good Luck!

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    Thank you, you can tell that I am a new user
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    How was the midterm and final at RIO? I saw that they are offering the lecture part online at Phoenix College this summer, but the lab is still in person. I cannot take the lab in person because I will be away for the summer.

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