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    I'm a third year undergrad student at the University of Minnesota. I will be graduating in one year (spring 2014) with a BA in Communication Studies. My end goal is that I want to have my BSN, though I do not know how to go about this. I have been calling and researching for a long time now and nothing seems to fit just right. I want to do it in the quickest and most cost-efficient manner. Any suggestions on schools/programs?? I have been thinking about Accelerated BSN programs. Also, anyone know of any programs that offer courses for BSN and RN at the same time?? I need help, i'm so stressed and nervous about getting into a school right away after I graduate. Thank you to anyone who can offer some insight!
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  3. by   whattodo4
    Don't fear it can be done, I have a friend who went into nursing after getting a bio degree. Another close friend is now in a nursing program after getting a history degree. First step id say is target the schools you want to attend and see what prereqs need to be done. usually the prereqs are the same school to school. Get those prereqs done, most places won't even let you apply to the nursing program until the prereqs are done. If you can, take a PCT or EMT or CNA class at the same time as doing the prereqs. It results in paid work that is above minimum wage and looks great on the app when applying to nursing school.

    In regards to whether one should go to a CC or 4 year for the degree... People usually say CC is faster at 2 years but I find that is not really the case. You will most likely spend 1 year doing the prereqs then applying to the 2 year nursing program. You may spend 1 year doing prereqs then applying to the 4 year program-at which point you would come in as a somphomore or junior, which means again, another 2-3 years for the degree.

    My experience though in applying to CC programs are that they tend to want their own students first before any outsiders. So even if you have all the prereqs DONE your name will still be on the bottom of the list cause you don't have at least 6 credits at their college. At the 4 year level I don't really see this, as long as the prereqs are done you have a good shot of getting in, no "You must have X number of credits at this college before we will accept you"

    Of course accelerated is the fastest usually at 13-15months and that would seem to be the quickest and most cost efficient.
  4. by   kayleen4246
    I'm starting an accelerated program this fall in Sioux Falls, SD. I don't know what U of M you're at but I know a lot of the people in our incoming class are relocating from MN. It's, overall, a pretty cost-effective program since there's reciprocity. It runs from August to August and you graduate with your BSN. In total, for the year, it's around $25,000 including classes, books, random other costs. I haven't started the program yet but I've been pretty happy with the pre-req courses I've taken. You apply for it in Jan/Feb, and interview in March/April. You have to have 6 of the 10 pre-nursing courses done in order to apply and have everything done by August (max of 8 credits done the summer before). It's a competitive program but has a very good reputation and a *knock on wood* 100% pass rate on the NCLEX. Here's the website for it: Accelerated Option: Sioux Falls . There is also an accelerated program in Aberdeen, SD and one through the University of Sioux Falls but that's a 15 month long one and I don't know what the cost is there.
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    Hi Kayleen, I saw you wrote about doing an ABSN in Sioux Falls. I have applied to a program there (USF). It sounds like you chose a different school, but have you heard anything about USF's program? people like it, or any rumors or anything?