Application folder or not to folder?

  1. When turning in application packets for nursing programs, should we include the forms and applications that are requested inside a folder? It does not specify how to send the information and I wonder if sending inside of a folder is preferred. I've seen some college that say, "Do not put inside of a folder", but for others that don't specify then I wonder how they would like the papers presented.

    Thanks! This application process is so stressful.
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  3. by   brenay
    I would think so. I mean, how else would you mail it off? When I apply, I am going to put everything that they require and requested inside one big orange folder:transcript, ACT score report, admissions essay, and checklist. It makes more sense to put everything inside the same folder so when they receive it, it will all be together, rather than just send it off seperately.
  4. by   FDW630
    What is the difference between mailing the papers in a manila envelope, and mailing them in a manila folder, inside a manila envelope? I'd save postage and a folder. Odds are, the school has a system of their own for organizing packets and your folder will get tossed.